The OPTIMUM Hand Wringer

The Optimum Hand Wringer
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  • Item #: HWR763
If there is no power, then your washer and dryer won’t work ~~

This hand wringer removes twice as much water as spin dry.

This is THE best hand wringer built anywhere. Spin dry or automatic washers remove only 45 percent of the water from your clothes. This amazing hand wringer removes 90 percent of the water! And it is great for bulky items such as towels, jeans, blankets, etc. It also works great for thin items because it has an adjustment knob on top so that pressure is balanced over entire length of roll.

If you are washing clothes by hand, you know you can not wring out near as much water as the spin cycle on a washing machine, so clothes take much longer to dry. And if you are in a cool, somewhat damp environment to start out, it could takes DAYS for hand wrung clothes, towels or blankets to dry. But now, thanks to the Optimum Hand Wringer, you can easily and quickly remove 90% of the water from your laundry before hanging to dry.

A very important part of your preparedness supplies

Virtually indestructible, the Optimum Hand Wringer has a rustproof, all-steel frame, steel tube handle and zinc plated finish. The hard maple bearings never need oil. And the single, adjustable screw on the top of the wringer supplies even pressure to the rollers via a flat, tempered steel spring.

This wringer will attach to stationary utility sinks or to round or square galvanized wash tubs.

Use with the double or single washtubs from Home Depot (or probably Lowe’s – any store like that). Get the Model 19CFT or the MF-1F single tub, or the Model MF-2F double tub. They make a cheaper model but you’ll see that the tops of the tubs bend outwards so you’ll have trouble attaching the wringer. In the pics above you’ll these models have a nice straight top.

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