Suture/Syringe Medic

AMK Suture/Syringe Medic
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Suture/Syringe Medic
Contains sterile supplies that can be handed to a local care giver

Be prepared and protect yourself from the possibility of contracting a disease from non-sterile supplies. Contains multiple needle sizes and lengths for various applications.

Supply List

1 Gloves, Nitrile (Pair), Hand Wipe

Suture / Syringe
1 Needle, Disposable, Sterile, 18G x 1 1/2"
1 Syringe, 1 cc with Needle
1 Syringe, Luer Lok, 3ml
1 Needle, Disposable, Sterile, 21G x 1 1/2"
1 Needle, Disposable, Sterile, 25G x 5/8"
1 Angiocatheter, 18G x 1 1/4"
1 Suture, Nylon, 5-0

Wound Care
3 After Cuts and Scrapes Anethestic/Antiseptic Wipe
4 Alcohol Swab
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