SteriPEN FitsAll Pre-Filter

SteriPEN FitsAll Pre-Filter
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  • Item #: W117990
SteriPEN FitsAll Pre-Filter

SteriPEN FitsAll filter can be used to clear particulates/debris from water prior to treating it with your SteriPEN purifier (sold separately).

FitsAll filter features a durable 4-micron screen that removes particulates from water while you fill your bottle. Just as the name implies, the filter fits nearly any size bottle on the market, from generic single-use plastic bottles to name-brand reusable bottles.

FitsAll filter also enables the SteriPEN Journey and Classic purifiers (both sold separately) to be used with wide-mouth bottles in the inverted position for simple purifying. Rugged, flexible material allows the filter to stow away compactly and then snap back to shape when unpacked. Make sure to get extra Cartridges for the Pre-Filter (item #W117986). FitsAll filter weighs 2.3 oz. (65g) and measures 3.7 x 3.5 x 2.8 in.
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