Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer

Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer
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  • Item #: CWGBL27
Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer
The Cadillac of Manual Wheatgrass Juicers

Did you know that wheat grass picks up 92 of the 102 known minerals in the soil and contains all the vitamins that science has isolated? Loaded with natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll, wheat grass juice not only feeds and nourishes your cells, but also helps to rid them of harmful toxins and remove wastes that clog cells, tissues, and organs.

In the event of a severe disaster this might be the only way to get all the important vitamins and minerals needed to keep your body healthy. And if there is no power, you’ll want our all stainless steel wheatgrass juicer. Unlike SOME hand operated wheatgrass juicers, you will actually be able to turn the handle and make great, healthy wheatgrass juice, one of the magic Elixirs of Life.

This quality stainless steel juicer has been designed to extract the juice from wheatgrass, which is 70% chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has many health benefits and has proven to be a natural body cleanser, rebuilder, and neutralizer of body toxins. It will also do a great job with carrots

  • Made of high quality, hygienic stainless steel for a lifetime of use.
  • Includes a stainless screen, plus hopper and plunger for use with fruits and vegetables.
  • Pressure control knob and stainless auger exert pressure to squeeze juice from grass.
  • Disassembles for quick, easy cleaning.
  • 5 year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Weight 7 lbs.
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Price $129.99

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