SolaDyne 6 LED Solar / Hand Crank Dynamo Lantern

6 LED Solar Hand Crank Dynamo Lantern
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SolaDyne Solar / Hand Crank Dynamo 6 LED Lantern

The SolaDyne Solar & Hand Crank Dynamo 6 LED Solar Lantern is a solar powered lantern with an attached solar panel and has 6 bright LEDs that can be charged 4 ways - by its: Solar panel, Hand Crank, with the optional 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter or with the optional AC charger (AC adapter sold separately). This Solar Powered Lantern offers reliable light without the need to constantly replace the batteries. Just let it charge in the sun during the day for hours of use at night. If the sun isn't shining, use the hand crank or the AC / DC power adapters.
  • 2 Light Settings: low (3 LEDs) and high (6 LEDs)
  • Includes a Carabiner to hang in a tent, string line or tree branch
  • Large attached solar panel on top of unit for solar charging
  • Fully Charge in 5-6 hours with solar charging to provide: 5 hours light with 3-LEDs, 2-1/2 hours light with 6-LEDs
  • Fully Charge with 12V DC or AC/DC adapter: 5 hours
  • Also charged by Dynamo - Hand Crank
  • 1 -3 minutes of winding = up to 1 Hour of use
  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.75 inches
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