SNAP LIGHT Lightsticks, 12 Hour Green

Cyalume 12 Hour Light sticks
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  • Item #: L350001
Providing 360° of light, the 6" SnapLight is recommended for personal use during hurricanes, evacuations, power outages, camping, auto safety, and utility work. Perfect for survival, first aid, and evacuation kits as they produce no heat, sparks, or flame. It is a good idea to have a combination of the white and green snap lights in your car kits, office kits (a tall office building is really dark when the power goes out), in your evac kit and in your home supplies.

These come in a bright white which lasts for 8 hours and a green which lasts for 12 hours. The green ones are perfect for lighting bathrooms, hallways and they make great nightlights for kids.
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