Portable INDOOR Countertop Butane Stove

Portable Countertop Butane Stove
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Totally safe to use indoors! No fuel to spill! No matches needed!

When your power goes out, don't stand outside at the BBQ grill in the pouring rain or freezing cold so you can boil some water for coffee, tea or cocoa. Stand in your nice dry kitchen and make coffee, oatmeal, heat soup, all using your regular pots and pans.

This great stove is PERFECT for power outages or picnics! Just put the cannister of fuel in, press the lever down to engage the can, and you are ready to cook! The piezo electric starter even eliminates the need for matches. This stove has safety features built in at every step, so you can't do it wrong. That's why we call it our Dummy Proof stove.

Everyone knows it is not safe to use a Coleman stove that uses white gas indoors because the fumes are bad for you. Everyone knows not to burn charcoal briquettes indoors for the same reason. And almost everyone knows someone with an electric range and someone with a natural gas range. And that gas range is indoors in the kitchen, right? Not outside on the back porch. Why? because it is SAFE to use indoors because it doesn't give off dangerous fumes. Well, just like a gas range, this butane gas stove is safe to use indoors.

This portable stove is safe to use on a countertop or table indoors - no fuel to spill, no overfilling the tank, one of the safest easiest stoves we've seen. And because it burns butane, there is no soot on your pots and pans, and no harmful fumes. We have used this stove ourselves for 20 years now and we love it!!!
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