Petzl Tikka Headlamp, Black

Petzl Tikka Headlamp
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Petzl Tikka Headlamp
Perfect for hands free light when the power goes out!

The Petzl Tikka headlamp offers great versatility with its three lighting modes of Low (batteries last the longest), High (batteries still last a long time but not as long, but you can see twice as far) and the flashing mode which are accessed by a simple push-button switch.

On Low, you get 20 lumens of light and you have a wide light beam that illuminates things for around 80 feet. 20 lumens of light is plenty of light to see to do things in a tent or house, things like getting dressed, playing board games, sitting around and talking. But for things like chopping onions and making dinner, chopping wood at night or administering first aid you would probably want to have the light on high.

On High, you have 80 lumens of light piercing thru the darkness for 180 feet. That’s a long long way. No $6.98 headlamp is going to match this headlamp. And if you are caught in a disaster at night or a big office building when the power goes out, you will want light, REAL light, not some little puddle of light.

The nice thing about this headlamp is that on the Economy (Low) setting 3 AAA batteries will last an amazing 180 hours. Even if you use this headlamp on high, it will run for 120 hours on high with the same 3 AAA batteries. This Petzl Tikka headlamp uses regular alkaline batteries. For the longest burn time, it is recommended to use DuraCell Coppertop batteries, which have a 10 year shelf life. On a personal note, I’ve tried other brands/types of batteries and nothing beats the DuraCell Coppertops. I swear by them.

Of all 3 models of Petzl headlamps we sell, this is the top seller for a good reason. You get a little brighter light on high than with the Tikkina headlamp and you can see farther away than with the Tikkina and it still has the same long burn times as the Tikkina. When you weight battery burn time vs how much light you get, this beats all the other headlights by a mile.

Now, the Tikkina is nearly as bright and far lighting, so what some people do is get a Tikka for everyday use (I have 3), then they put a Tikkina in their car and/or office kit, ESPECIALLY people who work in a big office building – if you have NOTHING else you should have a headlight and a dustmask – it can be the difference between life and death in a dire emergency when power is out, it’s pitch black and the only way out is down the stairways.

Or, if you have kids, you get the Tikka for yourself and get the Tikkina’s for the kids (because they are a bit less expensive and they will be the best headlamp the child has ever got to wear :o)

Just a note - I've used the Petzl headlamps for nearly 20 years now. I couldn't imagine NOT having one at hand all the time. Whether it is going out to the woodshed at night, taking out the trash, bringing in groceries from the car after dark (out in the country it gets VERY dark at night), I have my trusty Petzl headlamp. There are a lot of headlamps out there, but once you use a really good one, you'll never be happy with the rest.

So that was my plug for having a headlamp in 'regular' times. But how about during a power outage or emergency? You have to go around and turn off gas lines, maybe water lines, dig out the candles and lanterns, change a baby's diapers. With what? a flashlight clenched in your teeth? You want to be able to pop on your Petzl and see the entire area well lit. And you will if you have a Petzl. And even if it’s morning, I don’t leave home without my Petzl headlamp.

Technical note for those that like technical stuff:
The Tikka headlamp uses Standard lighting technologoly as opposed to Constant lighting technology.

Standard Lighting Technology
Everyone is familiar with a flashlight that is very bright when you first put new batteries in it. Then after a while, it’s still fine but just not quite as bright. And after being used a lot or from being in a kitchen drawer for a long time, you pull it out and it still comes on, but it’s now a dim light that is put out. This Standard lighting technology wrings out every last bit of power in the battery, but the light gets dimmer at the end of the batteries life.

Constant Lighting Technology
With Constant lighting technology, the brightness of the light stays as bright from start to finish, with none of the dimming that happens with Standard lighting technology. That sounds dandy BUT then you look at how long those same 3 AAA batteries last.

With this Tikka headlamp that uses Standard lighting technology, you get 120 hours of light on High (100 lumens of light is really super bright too). On the Tikka Plus, which uses Constant lighting technology you only get 2 hours of light on High (which is 110 lumens).

Whoa!!! You say. Yeppers, I say. That’s why I have the Petzl Tikka headlamps. 120 hours on high (altho it’ll dim a bit around 90 hours) or 2 hours of bright light then BANG – no more light. I’m just sayin’…..

Makes a wonderful Christmas gift!
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