PVC-Free Solar Shower - 5 Gallon

PVC-Free Solar Shower - 5 Gallon
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PVC Free Solar Shower – 5 Gallon

You're hot. You're sweaty. You're 50 miles from the nearest shower. Or the power is out, so no shower.

With our Solar Showers you can have a hot shower anywhere, anytime. In warmer weather, you fill the shower bag with cold water and lay or hang it in the sun (clear side up). The sun's rays pass through the water and hit the black PVC-free plastic material on the back side. Within an hour or two you have hot water, and are ready for a shower.

These are also perfect for power outages, cabins or shelter situations. When there is no sun to heat the water, just fill the bag half full of cold water and then, using a long neck funnel (found at all auto parts stores) add hot water from the stove. Poofa! You are now ready for a hot shower.

Our Solar Shower is PVC-Free, chlorine free and Azo-free.

Read about making an alternative shower set-up - click HERE Comes in
  • 2.5 gallon: 20" height, 13" width.
  • 4 gallon: 24.5" height, 17" width.
  • 5 gallon: 26.5" height, 17.5" width.
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