Organic Cinnamon Sticks (2-3/4") - 1 lb

bulk organic spices stick cinnamon for your long term food storage system
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Organic Cinnamon Sticks (2-3/4") - 1 lb

Common Uses: It's been known to stop vomiting, relieve flatulence, may be useful for diarrhoea. Provides a lovely scent to your home when boiled or added to potpourri.

Qualities & Properties: Carminative, astringent, stimulant, antiseptic.


Spices will need to be repackaged if purchased for long term storage. The 3 things that cause deterioration in quality is light, heat and oxidation. There are 2 recommended methods to prevent these things from happening. The first is putting the spices in pint canning jars along with a 50cc oxygen absorber.

The first is putting the spice into a pint (half liter) canning jar along with a 50cc oxygen absorber, label and date the lid, then put the jars back into the box so they are in the dark. Store the boxes in a cool place.

The second method is to use mylar foil oxygen barrier bags and oxygen absorbers. You can put the whole pound of spice into a one gallon mylar bag or you can use the 1 quart size mylar bag (8"x8") along with the 50cc oxygen absorber. Always label and date any food storage. You would then put the mylar bags of spices into 5 or 6 gallon buckets. While you can use a normal household iron to seal the bags, it is much easier to use our Optimum Hot Jaw Heat Sealer which is the correct temperature to seal mylar bags and creates a solid 1/2" seal.
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