Organic Arrowroot Powder - 1 lb

bulk organic spices arrowroot powder for your long term food storage system
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Organic Arrowroot Powder - 1 lb

Common Names: Cassava, Manihot, Manicot, Yuca, Tapioca, Mandioca

Here's a handy tip: if you are baking and don't have the eggs called for in a recipe (say because a disaster has emptied all the stores?), just mix 1 tablespoon of arrowroot powder with 3 tablespoons of water and that will replace an egg. Tried and tested - works great! (but this won't work for scrambling - just for baking).


Spices will need to be repackaged if purchased for long term storage. The 3 things that cause deterioration in quality is light, heat and oxidation. There are 2 recommended methods to prevent these things from happening. The first is putting the spices in pint canning jars along with a 50cc oxygen absorber.

The first is putting the spice into a pint (half liter) canning jar along with a 50cc oxygen absorber, label and date the lid, then put the jars back into the box so they are in the dark. Store the boxes in a cool place.

The second method is to use mylar foil oxygen barrier bags and oxygen absorbers. You can put the whole pound of spice into a one gallon mylar bag or you can make 1/2 gallon bags out of the one gallon bags so you can have smaller batches of each spice. If using the whole one gallon size bag, you would use the 300cc oxygen absorber. Always label and date any food storage. You would then put the mylar bags of spices into 5 or 6 gallon buckets. While you can use a normal household iron to seal the bags, it is much easier to use our Optimum Hot Jaw Heat Sealer which is the correct temperature to seal mylar bags and creates a solid 1/2" seal.
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