Katadyn TRK Ceradyn Replacement Element

Ceridyn Replacement Element
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Katadyn TRK Ceradyn Replacement Element

Microporous Ceramic retains suspended solids and safely traps all harmful bacteria and parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia, without removing essential minerals. The silver-impregnated Ceramic works against bacteria growth. Silver Quartz inside the element controls any possible recontamination through the tab outlet. Katadyn Ceramic provides fresh and natural tasting drinking water without using chemicals.

The Katadyn TRK Ceradyn Water Filter uses 3 elements so you will want a minimum of ONE extra filter so if you accidentally break a filter element while cleaning it you have a back up filter. Optimally, you'll want to have a set of 3 extra filters to insure that you have safe drinking water for as long as you need to make it.
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