Katadyn Pocket Filter

Katadyn Pocket Filter
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Katadyn Pocket Filter

Katadyn of Switzerland has been producing high quality portable water systems since 1928. Their history has been one of innovation and durability. Katadyn products are used by militaries, health organizations and outdoor adventurers worldwide. No other water system provides higher quality or longer-lasting performance.

The Katadyn Pocket is the only water filter in the world with a 20 year warranty. This robust water filter is ideal for long lasting continuous use even under extreme circumstances. The silver impregnated ceramic element can be cleaned 300 times and will filter over 13,000 gallons of water (10 years or more of regular use). It is the most field maintanable filter there is. And because the ceramic filter is impregnated with silver, there will be no nasty bacteria growth as can happen with other filters.

There is a reason that the Special Forces, Marines and Navy Seals use the Katadyn Pocket Filter. They know the importance of safe drinkable water – without it you die. And they know that this filter has proven itself over and over and over again, for the last 30 years.

Output: 1 quart/liter per minute
Technology: 0.2 micron Absolute ceramic depth filter (field cleanable) impregnated with silver to stop bacteria growth
Weight: 21oz.
Size: 10x2"
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