Desiccant FOR FOOD STORAGE, (50) 1 oz Packets

Desiccant for long term food storage 1 oz - Pak of 50
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  • Item #: F205050PK01/50
Desiccant FOR FOOD, 1 oz - Pack of 50
Concerned about humidity?

If you are concerned about humidity affecting your food product (rice, wheat, beans and other dry grains, etc) we have a clearly established protocol and procedure for providing a solution to this problem.

Just put one to two individual 1 oz. packets of desiccant in the bottom of your 5 gallon Mylar Foilâ„¢ bag prior to filling with product. The oxygen absorber is then placed on TOP of the food for sealing.

Note: This is the recommended procedure for the 20.0" x 30.0" bag that is designed for 5 and 6 gallon pails. You do not need to use a desiccant with the one gallon and smaller mylar food storage bags.
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