D.Light D20 Solar Home System

D.Light D20 Solar Home System
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d.light D20 Solar Home System

The d.light D20 Solar Home System is a personal power grid for your home or business. This modern, efficient energy solution includes a solar panel, mobile-charging battery pack, two hanging solar lights, two light switches, and a portable lantern. Dual light settings provide power for eight hours on the high setting or up to 15 hours on the low setting.


Battery: 7–34 hours of light per full charge
Brightness: 8x brighter than kerosene
Solar Panel: Separate solar panel included
Portability: Lantern included with system
Charger: Mobile charging

d.light D20 Solar Home System Specs
  • Lighted battery level indicator
  • USB output charges mobile devices, and mobile charging tips include: Nokia 2mm, Nokia 1mm, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Maintenance-free—over 5-year product life
  • Two light strings with wall switches included—one with 4-meter cord, one with 8-meter cord (upgradeable to four lamps)
  • Dual charging solar panel or AC adapter
  • Rugged, high-efficiency solar panel with 6-meter cord
  • Rechargeable portable lantern
  • Two brightness settings
  • 15-hour runtime on low setting, 7 hours on high
  • Meets Lighting Global quality standards
The d.light D20 Solar Home System comes with:

1. LED solar lights with two settings (2)
2. Two mountable wall switches
3. Portable LED solar lantern
4. Sturdy solar panel that can be attached to a roof or wall
5. Battery pack with charging indicator
6. USB for mobile charging (not shown above)
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Price $214.95