Butane Fuel Cartridges for Countertop Stove - 3 Pack

Porta Chef Butane Fuel
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Butane Fuel Cartridges for Countertop Stove - 3 Pack
No fuel to spill plus easy to use.

These are the fuel cartidges for your Porta Chef stove. They are about the size of a can of hairspray, and have a specially notched part on the top rim so they can't be put in wrong. These are very safe and very clean burning so they can be used indoors - great if the weather is rainy or stormy outside. The cannisters are good for years so get plenty. Depending on how high the heat these will last from around 4 hours** of continual cooking to days if you are just boiling water, heating soup, cooking pasta, etc. For emergency preparedness, you'll want more than one 3-pk of fuel. A case of Porta Chef fuel holds 12 cans (which is 4 of the 3-packs).

**When used under normal conditions one cartridge will operate for 4 hours on low/simmer and 1 hour and 40 minutes on a high flame setting. One can is reusable until it is empty. Automatically reseals when removed from stove.


Let's say you get 20 cases (which is 80 of the 3-paks) for a total of 240 individual cannisters. Each cannister will burn up to 4 hours. So 4 hours times 240 cannisters comes out to 960 hours. If you cooked for 2 full hours a day, each and every day, for a whole year - that would come up to 730 hours of cooking. Considerably less than the 960 hours. It's a pretty sure bet that 20 cases would handle your cooking needs for a year.

Just as a side note: I've had several cases stored for a little over 10 years now - got 'em for Y2K - and recently opened up a couple of the cases to check them out. No rust on any of the cans and here in Washington State, that's pretty good. I also tested them out to make sure they still had all their fuel. They did. This is good to know because a friend had gotten some of the dark green 1 pound propane cylinders for a portable propane stove, and after a couple of years all the propane had leaked out. Bummer. Luckily though, there were still stores so he could get something else.

For storing the fuel efficiently, you'll want to order it in multiples of 4 3-packs, so they come packed in a case.

So 4 of the 3-packs would give you 1 case.

If you got 40 of the 3-packs, you would have 10 cases.

For a year's worth of fuel (20 cases in our example above), you would order 80 of the 3-packs.

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: The Shipping Calculator is sometimes off when it comes to figuring the shipping cost for fuel. The fuel has to ship UPS Ground or Fedex Ground, it can't go via the Post Office if it is more than a couple of 3-packs.

IF YOU ARE GETTING A LOT OF FUEL AND THE SHIPPING CHARGE SEEMS OVERLY HIGH, PLACE YOUR ORDER BUT DO NOT PAY - SELECT "PRINT AND CALL" instead of Pay With Credit/Debit Card. Then we will get the best shipping cost and let you know what it is.

ATTENTION LOCAL CUSTOMERS: IT'S USUALLY BEST TO PLACE YOUR ORDER ONLINE AND THEN, RATHER THAN PAY, CHOOSE "PRINT AND CALL" (then click Place Order) so we can determine if 'Pick Up' or 'Ship To Your Door' is the best option.
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