Ball Small Batch Canning Kit

Ball Small Batch Canning Kit
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  • Item #: C10790
Ball Small-Batch Canning Kit - Small Batch Rack, 3 Jars & Recipe Book

With this small batch canning set, you can use a stockpot that you already own to start canning things like jams and jellies, relishes and chutneys, pickles, salsas and more. And you won’t be in the kitchen all day long because you only need to make enough for 3 pint jars! The kit includes an illustrated book that explains how to can in easy to understand language, plus it has recipes for different things you can can.

Kit Contains:

Polypropylene rack with separate, fitted lifter that works in a standard stockpot
Comes with 3) 1-pint jars
Includes an illustrated, simplified canning instruction recipe book
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Price $12.95

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