Why are books an important part of your emergency and disaster supplies?

MEDICAL: You may not be a doctor, nurse or trained EMT, but if a real disaster strikes, where you can't be reached by emergency responders, you can't make it to a hospital or the hospital has been evacuated (think of the hospitals with no power during Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Rita - they had to evacuate everyone) then having 2 or 3 really good medical books could save someone's life - maybe even a family member. Check out our MEDICAL books.

GARDENING & CANNING/DEHYDRATING: You might not be an avid gardener. Maybe you know absolutely nothing about canning. But if a huge solar flare (CME) or an EMP hit, and we were knocked back into the 1800's as NASA warned of, then having a few really good books on gardening and canning could mean the difference between a full pantry or bleak meals of beans and rice (if you're lucky). Check our our GARDENING, HERBS and CANNING categories. These are some brilliant books on the subject.

TRADITIONAL SKILLS prove indespensible when a huge disaster happens. Up until the 1950's, everyone and their grandma knew how to garden, can, make the things they needed, bake bread, pickle, cure meat, sew. They knew how to raise chickens and rabbits, make cider, beer, wine, butter, and set up a gravity flow water system. Do you? If not, we have some great books on traditional skills.

There are the experienced, the clueless, and then those with books who will have the solutions they need right at hand. If you are pressed for time as many are, get the books now, then read them (and learn) as time permits, or once the need arises.

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