Awesome Wiggy’s Booties

Amazing Wiggys Booties
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Awesome Wiggy’s Booties

Sleeping with cold feet? Watching TV with cold feet? Try the Awesome Wiggy’s Booties and warm your tootsies right up! Think of these booties like little sleeping bags for your feet. And NEVER sleep with cold feet again (yes, they are that good).

The booties are made with all the same materials as the Wiggy’s sleeping bags. They have a 1000 denier Cordura sole and the upper part and inside are made with the same nylon taffeta as the sleeping bags. They have a draw cord and cord lock above the ankle. They can also be worn while sleeping, as well as walking around the campsite.

Wiggy’s booties will warm very quickly to the temperature of your feet. But they also allow the perspiration from your feet to escape easily, leaving your feet warm and dry. If it is really cold DON’T wear sox with the booties – just put your cold tootsicles (feet) into the booties and marvel at how fast the nylon warms up and your tootsies thaw.

Booties come in Black, Royal Blue, Purple and Olive Green.

Sizes run from XS (extra small) up to XL (extra large) and are MENS sizes. Most women are going to take a Small or Medium - generally speaking a Mens 7 will equal a Womens size 9. And these are not form fitted the way a pair of athletic sneakers or work shoes are, so they have the ability to adapt to wide or narrow feet as well as longer and shorter feet.

XS (3-4)
S (5-6)
M (7-9)
L (10-12)
XL (13-15)
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