American Red Cross FR1 Emergency Weather Radio, Phone Charger

American_Red_Cross_FR1 AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio, Phone Charger, Flashlight
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THE POWER MAY GO OUT HOURS BEFORE EVACUATION NOTICES OR FLOODING NOTICES ARE GIVEN. Make sure you can get the latest, most up to date emergency weather broadcasts (NOAA) as well as messages from your local Emergency Management Department (AM/FM). You DO need a weather radio with AM/FM capabilities in any disaster or storm.

Multi-Powered Preparedness The American Red Cross FR1 can be charged by hand turbine or DC input (via USB cable, included). Spin the hand turbine for one minute to get 10-15 minutes of radio and flashlight use. IT IS RECOMMENDED to charge your radio per instructions when you get it, and then again every 3-4 months so that when you actually NEED it in an emergency, it is ready to go.

Charge Your Cell/Smart Phone The USB charging port makes the FR1 a renewable power source for your other devices. Plug your phone into the USB port and power will automatically charge your phone, just like plugging into the wall (except the wall provides unlimited charging capability if the power is on).

PLEASE NOTE: While this version of the American Red Cross weather radio doesn’t have a solar panel or take AAA batteries, it has a very large internal rechargeable battery. The ARC FRX3 radio doesn’t have as large of an internal battery BUT it does have a built in solar panel for charging, and it also takes regular AAA batteries. Plus it has several extra features as well.


5.5 x 2.6 x 2.4" (H x W x D) 14 x 6.6 x 6 cm (H x W x D) Weight: 9 oz (255g)
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