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Wiggy's wide body mummy bag and Wiggys rectangular bag with a hood
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About Wiggy’s Sleeping Bag Insulation

[Disclaimer: Since I can’t be with you explaining why I know that Wiggy’s makes the best bags for our needs, I will have to use the written word. But once you have read the following, if you still have questions, call me. I have the answer to any of your sleeping bag questions. Teri Simpson]

The difference that truly sets the Wiggy’s Bags apart from the rest of the sleeping bag industry is the Lamilite insulation. The key to Lamilite’s ability to perform is that it allows the body’s own thermostat to function easily. Lamilite is a very lofty form of insulation, and the more loft surrounding your body, the warmer you are. Lamilite retains its loft even when wet, unlike down feathers which clump together when wet, providing little or no warmth at all. Lamilite is light weight — the lighter the weight of the insulation the lighter the weight of the sleeping bag. Lamilite is also very soft. Wiggy’s bags surround your body, filling in or draping close to the body, thus eliminating heat loss. And when you zip up a Wiggy’s Bag, the over-sized draft tube is drawn over the zipper so cold air can’t come in.

Lamilite insulation is made from silicone coated, continuous filament fibers, not the chopped fiber filler used in many other synthetic bags which always “clump up” when laundered. Lamilite is easily machine washable (use a front loader), machine dryable (low heat) and dry cleanable. A Wiggy’s sleeping bag will even air dry much more quickly than other sleeping bags (which could be very handy should you find yourself without access to a Laundromat).

It is the silicone coating on Lamilite that gives the fiber two very desirable properties. First, it allows the fibers to perpetually repel each other, regardless of how tightly they are packed against each other (such as in a stuff sack), so the loft always returns to the sleeping bag after removing it from the stuff sack. Loft is very important because without loft, the insulation will not provide warmth.

The second benefit of the silicone treatment is that water simply does not attach itself to the fiber. Your body gives off ¼ to ½ cup of water per hour while you sleep. Lamilite allows the moisture leaving your body to pass through the spaces between the fibers to the outside of the bag so you stay drier and therefore warmer.

We know of no other sleeping bag manufacturer who guarantees that you can launder your sleeping bag and keep it stored in its stuff sack without it losing loft. Wiggy’s Bags are so durable that if all you ever do is sleep in them and wash them when they are dirty, eventually you will hand them down to your children. Wiggy’s guarantees their sleeping bags for a lifetime of use. And each Wiggy’s bag comes with a stuff sack and a cozy, little Wiggy’s pillow.

Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings

How do you pick a temperature rating? The temperature ratings stated by all manufacturers of sleeping bags are only an approximation. An individual has the primary responsibility to determine which bag will work best for him or her. All ratings are done assuming you are in a tent and have a ground pad.

Some people sleep warmer than others. If you sleep cool it is better to get a bag for the temperature range lower than you expect to encounter — it is easy to vent your bag if you get too warm. A ground pad, bivy, tent or shelter adds approximately 5-10 degrees to the warmth factor of your bag.

Sleeping Bag Styles – Rectangular or Mummy? or Extra Wide Mummy? Who knew there was such a bag?

Wiggy’s rectangular bags

Wiggy’s makes Rectangular sleeping bags in +40° (used as a summer weight bag or as an Overbag for the other rectangular bags to increase their temperature rating), the +20° (3-season), 0°, -20° and for those going to Alaska or Northern Europa, the -60° bag. The rectangular bags measure 36"x84".

Up until the 1990’s, rectangular sleeping bags had no hoods – only mummy bags had hoods. Backpackers and hikers used small tight mummy bags that would squish down small and not weigh much in their backpack, but because they were not always in a tent and in some cold and gnarly places, they really needed the hood, because that’s where you lose a great deal of body heat. Part way into the 1990’s, a whole bunch of us started sleeping outside without tents, even in the winter! And, we wanted to be able to sit up while still in our sleeping bag. Well that ruled out those small mummy bags – we needed rectangular bags! But it was COLD out there during the winter so we obviously needed hoods on our rectangular bags

I contacted the owner of Wiggy’s Sleeping Bags and started special ordering Rectangular 0° bags WITH HOODS. At first, he thought I was crazy. But people LOVED their rectangular Wiggy’s bag with the hood (and the wonderful little pillow that comes with each bag). We got SO many of the rectangular bags with hoods that, after several years of my special ordering, he just started offering them to everyone as a regular part of his sleeping bag line. It wasn’t long after that other sleeping bag manufacturers started copying the great Wiggy’s 0° Hunter with a Hood bag.

And you can zip together 2 rectangular bags for a double wide bag. By mating the 0° Hunter with the 40° Nautilus or the 20° Hunter you and your friend can have a versatile all-weather mated set: the +40° or +20° lays on top in summer and the 0° Hunter lays on top in the colder weather. The rectangular Hunter bags are available with or without a hood, but it is highly recommended to get the hood. Both come with stuff sack and pillow.

Wiggy’s Mummy bags and Extra Wide Body Mummy bags

Most mummy sleeping bags are made to fit snug, pack down small and be light weight for backpacking purposes. But not everyone wants to backpack, and not everyone is built like a backpacker or mountain climber. But mummy bags ARE very efficient in holding in your body heat – they have a hood for one thing (which is where you lose an ENORMOUS amount of body heat) and, by following the general outline of the human body, there is less empty ‘air space’ inside the bag that your body has to heat up.

What Wiggy’s has done is keep the mummy shape, because it IS so efficient, but then they made the whole bag WIDER. This means that you don’t have to be built like a rock climber – you can be a regular person and still have plenty of room to roll over on your side or sit up (even cross legged!) while maintaining the efficiency of a mummy shaped bag. And you don’t even have to pay extra for this excellent feature!!

The Wiggy’s mummy bags come in Regular Length or Long Length, and in Regular Width (it’s a mummy bag) and Wide Body Mummy (it’s a DREAM :o) And you still get the wonderful little pillow and compression stuff sack!

As a rule when ordering the -20° Ultima Thule I recommend the wider size since there is double the insulation on the top half of the bag which does reduce the interior of the bag slightly. Also note the Antarctic bag is made in both lengths, but the wide width only since there is double insulation top and bottom.

Overview of the Wiggy’s mummy bags
  • Regular width bags have a shoulder width of 31" like a standard mummy bag
  • Wide-body bags have a shoulder width of 34" which gives you plenty of room to turn over or lay on your side while still maintaining the compactability and light weight of a mummy
  • Available with a left or right hand zipper
  • Any temperature left zip bag will mate (zip together) with any other right zip bag
  • Wiggy’s Wide-body Mummy Bags are great for larger people who often have trouble fitting into regular size mummy bags or who just don’t like a bag that’s snug
  • If you can’t fit into what we have listed here, we take orders for any dimensions (call for details)
These are the choices

1- Regular length and regular wide will fit 5 feet 9 inches and a weight of 150 pounds. The bag size is 80 inches long and 31 inches wide (standard mummy bag).

2- Regular length and wide width with will fit a person 5 feet 9 inches and over 150 pounds, up to about 235 pounds. The bag length is 80 inches and the width is 34 inches (at the wide part it is as wide as a rectangular bag!)

3- Long length and regular width. This bag will fit a person who is 6 feet 5 inches and no more than 170 pounds. The length is 90 inches and the width is 31 inches. (It has been our experience that tall people prefer the long and wide bag)

4- Long and wide width bag will fit a person 6 foot 5 inches and 260 pounds. The length is 90 inches and the wide is 34 inches.


What people who aren’t 6’ tall (me, I am 5’ 5”, and I got the Long length/Wide width mummy bag) can do with a Long + Wide bag: since you’re shorter, you put your clothes down at the far end of the bag, so when you wake up, instead of slightly damp and really cold clothes, you have warm clothes to put on – a nice thing when it’s really cold out! (If it’s that cold out, keep your water bottle in the bag with you so it doesn’t freeze overnight.)

OK, I also got the 0° Hunter Rectangular bag with the hood (as I said, I LOVE my Wiggy’s bags). If it’s really cold out I sleep inside the bag, with it all zipped up and the hood snugged down. If it is not quite so cold, I unzip the whole thing, open it up and use it like a comforter. If it is REALLY REALLY cold, I am not only inside of it with the hood snugged in, I throw my cape or a polar fleece blanket on top. For me, the 0° bag is the most versatile one. (If it is way too hot to use it, I can just use the polar fleece blanket, etc.

Here’s another ‘trick’ or idea (I am just full of them because I have been using and selling Wiggy’s bags for around 20 years, and I love ALL my Wiggy’s bags). Let’s say you have a child in your group. Obviously they are WAY shorter than a regular length or long length sleeping bag. But they will keep growing until they reach full height. Since the Wiggy’s bags will last for YEARS and YEARS, get a full size bag (in this case I suggest a wide body mummy, regular length unless folks in your family run tall, then get the long length.

Have the child lie down in the bag, then tie it off (not real tight, only semi tight – it isn’t a turniquette) about a foot past the end of the child’s toes in a relaxed position. This will ensure that the child’s body only has to heat the area that they are using. As the child grows, simply move the tie-off place farther down the bag. There’s no sense to A. make a child suffer with an inferior bag such as are designed as a “Child’s Bag”, most of which are designed for going to a slumber party at someone’s home who has central heat and carpeting B. buying a “kid bag” and an “adult bag” for the child. One bag can do the trick from short kidhood to tall kidhood and into adulthood.

Personal Testimonial

Remember above, about the silicone coated Lamilite fibers? Well, let me tell you – here in WA State the dew that forms at night is heavier than rain in many states. You can sleep outside in your Wiggy’s bag (on a ThermaRest ground pad) without a tent. When you awaken in the morning the outside of your sleeping bag will be sopping wet from the heavy dew. But inside? dry as dry can be! So whether you sleep outside, in a damp cave, in a shelter – wherever you sleep, you will comfy cozy in your Wiggy’s sleeping bag.
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