Aerobic 07 Water Preserver 2.33 oz

Aerobic 07 Water Preserver
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Aerobic 07 Water Preserver 2.33 oz
Keeps water good for up to 5 years!

Aerobic 07 destroys microbes, bacteria, parasites, viruses and other organisms (including Giardia, E. Coli and Crypto) and keeps water safe to drink for up to 5 years!

Aerobic 07 Water Preserver keeps drinking water safe for up to five years. This has been tested for over twenty five years by research centers all over the country. It works by over oxygenating the water. One ounce of Aerobic 07 treats up to 55 gallons. If you are storing good, drinkable water use one ounce per 50-60 gallon barrel. If you are storing water that is questionable, use 2 ounces per 50-60 gallon barrel.

Another great use for Aerobic 07 is ‘reviving’ stored water so it tastes like it just came out of the tap. When water first comes out of the tap, it is naturally aerated, giving it that ‘fresh’ taste. After water has been stored for a year or more it is still safe to drink but sometimes doesn’t have that ‘fresh from the tap’ taste. Just add a small amount of Aerobic 07 to the stored water and poof! You have that ‘fresh from the tap’ taste again. (Example: you pump stored water out of the big barrel into a 4 gallon spigoted container to set on your kitchen counter. Just add 10 drops per gallon to the 4 gallon containers and you have made that water taste like you just filled the container.)

Aerobic 07 Water Preserver may also be used to treat water when traveling in foreign countries. For people that travel in the US, to other countries or just to work, check out the amazing SteriPen Journey LCD purifier that uses Utra Violet light to totally purify water of bacteria, parasites and viruses. It is absolutely brilliant, and one of our most recommended products. This should be in the small kit that you take with you everywhere you go, because drinkable water is THE single most important preparedness item there is.
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