6 Qt Stainless Steel Popcorn Popper

Stainless steel popcorn popper
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Stainless Steel Popcorn Popper
Makes the PERFECT comfort food if the power goes out (especially for the kids!)

Made of 304 surgical stainless steel. The bottom of the pot is steel clad aluminum so that heat is distributed evenly but insures that aluminum never comes in contact with the food. The heavy duty metal dasher rides smoothly along the bottom of the pot so that the popcorn kernels do not stick or burn. The hinged, vented lid provides easy loadign and pouring, plus optimum temperature control. The lid opens in the front, which makes it easy to pour the popcorn into your bowl. Comes with genuine stay-cool wood handle and rotary paddle knob. This is the large 6 quart popcorn popper, so there will be enough for the whole family!

While you might be getting this so you can make popcorn for the kids if the power goes out, give it a shot now. Enjoy the taste of popcorn made the good old fashioned way – on a stove – with real butter drizzled over it. Mmmmmm-mmm-Good! Way better than microwave popcorn!

Just a note: there are cheaper versions out there, most made out of aluminum. This popper is surgical stainless steel and has a high quality cranking mechanism that will last for years.
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