6 Day LED Lantern - 45 Lumens

Super Bright 6 Day LED Lantern 9 LED
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This is the perfect lantern to have by your bedside or in the bathroom when your power goes out. Compact, lightweight 9 LED lantern runs 48 hours on high and up to 144 hours on low. This lantern has an adjustable brightness control so you can maximize battery life. 9 unbreakable Lifetime LED Bulbs, up to 45 lumens on high, uses 4 AA batteries (not included). Floats (hopefully you won't need that feature) Size: 5.2" x 4.5".

There is something about this lantern that makes you love it. If the power is out, it is perfect as a bedside lantern or a bathroom light. If you are camping it's a dandy light for in your tent. Lightweight and easy to carry, pack or store, you get a very bright light in a fairly small package. There should be one for each person in the family - having the ability to make light when the power is out makes it just a little less scary of an ordeal. (Can you tell we love this lantern?)

You want to get the Ultra Bright 10 Day Lantern (up to 160 lumens) or the 30 Day Lantern (up to 700 lumens) for the kitchen where you'll be chopping and cooking, or for playing cards or reading. The 10 Day Lantern has an adjustable dimmer-switch type control so you can go from super bright to low and cozy lighting. And the 30 Day Lantern can be used as a tabletop lantern, or you can remove the globe and use the hook that's built into the bottom of the lantern to hang it up for broader lighting needs.
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