+35° Wiggys Nautilus Rectangular Sleeping Bag w/Hood (+4.4 C°)

Wiggys Nautilus Overbag for Rectangular Sleeping Bags
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  • Item #: RCT-P40
+35° Wiggys Nautilus Rectangular Overbag Sleeping Bag with Hood (+4.4 C°)

There is no better bag made for cold and damp climates. Because the filling fibers are silicone coated, just your body heat will force any moisture to the outside of the bag. A Wiggy’s sleeping bag retains 80% of its ability to keep you warm even if sopping wet. And look at the photo of the Wiggy’s bag – it is what you DON’T see that is so important. You won’t see any seams going across the sleeping bag (seams are where the cold air can get in to your cozy cocoon).

These bags are guaranteed for a lifetime of use. If a seam opens, the zipper breaks or the Lamilite insulation deteriorates (such as losing its loft or separating, or clumping in one place or another), the manufacturer will repair or replace your bag at no charge to you.

Wiggy’s mummy bags come in four configurations: Regular or long length, and regular or wide width. The wide width is our most popular mummy bag. All Wiggy’s sleeping bags come with a compression stuff sack and a wonderful pillow. There is no extra charge to get a wide body mummy, a long mummy or even a long, wide body bag. Plus, a compression stuff sack and pillow are included with every bag!

Temperature Rating – which is right for you? The rule of thumb is to add 20° F to the F temperature ratings given by the manufacturer. So a +35° bag would be fine for night time lows of 45° or 50°. A bag with a rating of 0° F would be good down to about 20° F (-7° C). The 0° version of the mummy and the rectangular bag is THE most popular temperature rating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: With the RECTANGULAR Wiggy’s bags, just unzip both of them, lay one opened bag on top of the other and zip together to make a double bed size sleeping bag – great for parents with little children, or adults that like a lot of room! (one person will have a hood on their face – just tuck it under :o) Wiggy’s MUMMY bags are also mateable – meaning that if you get one that is a right hand zipper and another that is a left hand zipper, YOU CAN ZIP THEM TOGETHER!

+40° Nautilus Overbag for Rectangular Bags (+4.4 C°)
This is a summer weight bag by itself. When added as an overbag to any of the Hunter rectangular bags with hoods, this will help drop the temperature rating by 40 degrees F. This model and any of the rectangular Hunter bags can be mated for couples camping, or if in an emergency situation, for shared body heat.

Another great option is to buy one of the Nautilus bags at 40° and one of the 0° Hunter with hood bags. Unzip both bags completely and place one bag on the bottom (lining facing up) and one bag on the top (lining facing down). Then simply zip both bags together. During the winter, have the 0° bags on top and the Nautilus on the bottom. During hotter months, put the 0* bag on the bottom and the 40 Nautilus bag on top. Note: Mating two Hunter model sleeping bags with hoods together will result with one person having the hood under their head and the second having the hood in their face. (just fold it under)

Colors: Black, Royal Blue and Purple
Stuff Sack Size: 11" x 20", (Uncompressed)
Size: 36" x 92"
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