25-pk 10"x16" Hand Gun & Ammo Oxygen/Moisture Proof Storage Bags

5 Mil Hand Gun & Ammo Ammunition Mylar Storage Bags - 25 pack
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10"x16" 5.0 mil Hand Gun & Ammo Oxygen/Moisture Barrier Storage Bags - 25 Pack

Protect your guns from rust causing moisture while in storage, and protect your ammo from corrosion. Use these Mylar foil oxygen and moisture barrier bags to store your hand guns, pistols or ammo/ammunition. Use one of our 28 gram (1 oz) Molecular Sieve desiccant in each mylar bag. [PLEASE NOTE: THE MYLAR BAGS ARE SILVER - the green ones are used to show guns/ammo better.]

You can seal the bags with our Optimum Heat Sealer or your clothes iron set on the hottest setting (we advise against using a Seal A Meal or Food Saver – those are designed to seal much thinner CLEAR SINGLE LAYER plastic bags that seal at a much lower temperature than will fuse the multi layer Mylar bags).


Why did we choose Molecular Sieve desiccant over Silica Gel desiccant? Because it out performs Silica Gel desiccant, plain and simple. Also, our molecular sieve desiccant is packaged in a sealed 5mil mylar foil bag that has a ziplock so that once you open the bag you can reseal it to keep the desiccant fresh.
[These are NOT to be used with food. We sell desiccant for food separately.]

Even if your guns or ammo get submerged in water for several days due to hurricane or flooding, they will be safe in these Mylar bags using this molecular sieve desiccant. This is also the way to store them for long term storage even if flooding isn't an issue.

Ammo stored in the metal ammo boxes from the army surplus stores can get affected by oxidation/moisture. We know from firsthand experience. After 10-15 years, ammunition packaged in plastic bags and stored in ammo cans can have corrosion. Best bet for long term storage is seal your munitions up tight in Mylar bags with a good desiccant, and then put the bags into the metal ammo boxes.

We also sell 10"x16" Mylar Hand Guns and Ammo Bags in 50 packs, and Molecular Sieve Desiccant in 25 and 50 packs.


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